4smarts Magnetic Lightning & Micro USB Connector GRAVITYCord pack of two

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Makes another device with Micro-USB port and an iPhones ready to be used with the magnetic 4smarts GRAVITYCord cables. Connect and disconnect blazingly fast thanks to the strong, magnetic connector. In order to use it, a GRAVITYCord cable is required (sold separately).

  • Enables you to connect and disconnect to a cable blazingly fast
  • Separately sold GRAVITYCord cable snaps to the respective device automatically
  • Fully compatible to all devices with mirco-USB connector
  • Can easily be operated with one hand hence it is especially useful in the dark and while driving
  • Supports data transfer and charging
  • Separately sold magnetic GRAVITYCord cable supports micro-USB, Lightning & Type-C

The magnetic connectors can be inserted permanently into respective devices and thereby protect their charging port from dust, dirt and scratches. Thanks to their power of attraction, the 4smarts GRAVITYCord cable automatically pulls itself to the adapters, once it is close enough, which enables an automatic and blazingly fast connection.

Change the charging set-up of all your devices to this convenient charging method. The magnetic GRAVITYCord cables (sold separately) with their universal and future-proof design make only one cable necessary to charge devices with a micro-USB, a Lightning and a USB Type-C connector. For example: smartphones, tablets, PS4 controllers, E-reader, navigational devices, MP3 players etc.

The 4smarts GRAVITY system is easily expendible in any way. All magnetic cables, charging stations and connectors from 4smarts are fully compatible to each other and therefore combinable. 

Package contains:
  • 1x Magnetic Lightning connector
  • 1x Magnetic Micro-USB connector
  • 1x Scraper

Compatible with devices featuring a Micro-USB and Lightning connector, such as:

last 3 years | all devices

Liquid Z6 Plus, Zest Plus, Zest
Liquid Jade 2, Iconia One 8 (B1850), Liquid M320, Predator 8, Iconia One 10 (B3A10), Aspire Switch 11 V, Liquid Z320, Liquid Z630S, Liquid Z630, Liquid Z410 Plus, Liquid Z530S, Liquid Z530, Liquid Z330, Iconia One 8 (B1830), Iconia Tab 10 (A3A30), Liquid M220 Plus, Liquid yesde Z Plus, Liquid Z520 Plus, Liquid yesde S, Liquid Z410, Iconia Talk S

ProjectorPad P70

Idol 5, 4S, 4, 3 (4.7), 3 (5.5)
Pop 4, 4+, 4S, 3 (5.5), Up, Star, 3 (5)
A7, Pixi 4 Plus Power, Shine Lite, Fierce 4, X1, Pixi 4 (5.0"), Plus 10, Flash Plus 2, Pixi 4 (3.5"), Pixi 4 (7.0"), Pixi 4 (4.0"), Pixi 4 (6.0"), Pixi 3 (8") 4G, Go Play, One Touch Pop 3 (5) DualSIM, One Touch Pop 3 (5,5) DualSIM, One Touch Pop 3 (5) LTE, One Touch Pop 3 (5,5) LTE, One Touch Idol 3C, One Touch Pop Up, Pixi First, One Touch Go Play, One Touch Idol 3 5,5 Zoll, Pixi 3 (4"), One Touch Idol 3 4,7 Zoll, Pixi 3 (5"), Pixi 3 (3.5")

P9 Energy S, X4 Soul Vision, X4 Soul Lite, P9 Energy Lite (2017), V2 Viper S, V2 Viper Xe, P7 Pro, X3 Soul Lite, X3 Soul Style, P8 eMagic, P6 eMagic, X3 Soul Mini, P8 Energy Mini, X2 Soul Style+, X2 Soul Style, Viva I10HD, Viva I7G, E4 Lite, E4, V2 Viper X+, E3 Living, X2 Soul Lite, Wi10N Pro, A5 Quad Plus, P5 Energy, Wi8G, P8 Energy, Viva H8 Life, P6 Qmax, AX4 Nano Plus, X2 Soul Pro, E3 Sign, E2 Jump, V1 Viper i4G, Viva Q8 Pro, Viva Q10 Pro, P6 Energy, Viva H7 LTE, Viva H8 LTE, Viva H10 LTE, Viva H7 Xtreme, X1 Xtreme Mini, C6 Quad 4G

Fire HD 10 (2017), Fire HD 8, Fire, Fire HD 10, Fire Kids Edition, Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition

iPad Pro 10,5 Zoll, Pro 12.9 Zoll, 9.7, Pro 9,7 Zoll, Pro 9,7 Zoll LTE, Pro 12,9 Zoll LTE, mini 4 LTE, mini 4
iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 7, SE, 6s Plus, 6s

Sense 47X, 50X
50 Saphir, 50d Oxygen, Diamond 2 Plus, 80 Oxygen, 101b Oxygen, 55 Cobalt+, 40 Power, Diamond 2 Note, 70 Oxygen, 50 Power, 50 Cobalt, Diamond Plus, 50 Cesium, Diamond S, 50e Helium, 55 Platinum, Diamond Tab, 50c Platinum, 50 Oxygen + LTE, 50d Helium 4G, 55 Helium +, 50 Helium +, 50c Neon, 59 Xenon, 62 Xenon, 101 Magnus +, 52 Platinum, 94 Magnus, 101 Magnus, 50 Oxygen +, 70 Helium 4G, 50c Helium 4G, 80b Helium 4G, 101 Helium 4G, 50 Diamond, 80 Cesium

ZenFone Max Plus (M1), Go ZB500KL, 4 Selfie (ZD553KL), 4 Max (ZC520KL), 4 Max Plus (ZC554KL), 4 Selfie Pro (ZD552KL), 4 Max (ZC554KL), Go (ZB552KL), Live (ZB501KL), 3s Max ZC521TL, 3 Max ZC553KL, 3 Max ZC520TL, 3 Laser ZC551KL, Pegasus 3, Max ZC550KL (2016), Go ZB551KL, Go ZB452KG, Go T500, Max, Go (ZB450KL), 2 Deluxe ZE551ML, 2 Laser, 2 Laser ZE500KL, Go ZC500TG, Selfie, 5 A500KL, Zoom, 2, 5 A501CG
ZenPad Z8, Live G500TG, MeMo Pad 7 ME572C, MeMo Pad 7 ME572CL, Transformer Book T300 Chi Full HD, Transformer Book T100 Chi, Transformer Book T300 Chi WQHD, Transformer Book T90 Chi

Passport Passport Silver Edition
Aurora, DTEK50, Leap, Classic

Discovery 1010WI, Endeavour 1013, Endeavour 1100, Enterprise 1020CH, Discovery 1000C, Polaris 808

Pure XL
Studio Touch, X8 HD, Selfie 2, 5.5 HD, X Mini, One, G HD, G HD, C HD

Aquaris U2 Lite, V Plus, V, U2, M10 Ubuntu Edition, X5 Plus, X5 Cyanogen, X5, E10 3G, M5.5, E5s, M4.5, E10, A4.5, M5, E5 HD Ubuntu Edition

S60, S30, S40

Cat S30, Cat S40, Cat B30 Dual SIM

Torino, Max, Modena, Torino S, Porto S, Porto

Note S, S600, X12, H1, X15, X9, X16

Venue 10 7000


8031, 6030, 820 Mini Claria, 820 Claria, PhoneEasy 509, Liberto 820 Mini

Ecoo Mobile
Focus E01

S3, P8000 4G

COMFORT, CLASSIC, Telme T200, Telme X200, SMART

Energi 5, Energi 4, Energi 2, Energi 24

Fairphone 2

Stylistic Q555

General Mobile

GS270 Plus, GS270, GS170, GS160

Elife S7
Marathon M5 Plus, M5, M5 lite
X1, M6s Plus, A1, F5, Steel 2, M6, M6 Plus

C30, E76, F20, A1, Infinity KO C20, C1, L695, H910, Sero 8 Pro

Envy 8 Note, Elite x2 1011 G1, Pro Slate 12, Pro Tablet 608 4GB RAM, Pro Tablet 608, Pro Tablet 608 LTE 4GB RAM, Pro Tablet 608 LTE, Pro Slate 10 EE, ElitePad 1000 G2 Healthcare Tablet, Pro Tablet 10 EE, ElitePad 1000 Rugged, Pro Tablet 408 G1

Desire 10 Pro, 10 Lifestyle, 628, 830, 825, 530, 630, 728 dual SIM, 828 dual SIM, 728G Dual SIM, 626, 526G Dual SIM, 626G Dual SIM, 620, 320, 826
One X10, A9s, S9, M9 (Prime Camera Edition), X9, M9s, A9, E9s dual SIM, E9, (M8s), E9+, M9
U11, Butterfly 3

Ascend Y540, Y360
Honor 6C pro, 7X, V9 Play, 6A, 8 lite, Pad 2, 6x (2016), Holly 3, 5, 5A, 7 lite (5c), 7 Premium, Holly 2 Plus, 5X, 7, 7 Dual SIM, Holly, 6 Plus, 4X, 4c, T1
Mate 10 Lite, 8, S
MediaPad M3 Lite 8, T3 10.0, T3 8.0, T3 7.0, M3 8.4, T2 10.0 Pro, M2 7.0, M2 10.0 LTE, T1 7.0 Plus, X2, M2 8.0, M2 8.0 LTE, T1 7.0, T1 10.0, T1 10 LTE, T1 8.0
P9 Lite mini, Y6 Pro 2017, Nova Young, Y7, Y6 (2017), Y7 Prime, Y3 2017, Y5 (2017), Enjoy 7 Plus, P10 Lite, GR3 (2017), P9 Lite (2017), Nova Lite, Enjoy 6s, Enjoy 6, Y6II Compact, Y6 II Compact, Y3 II, Y5 II, P9 Lite, GT3, GR3, Enjoy 5s, ShotX, G8, GX8, Y6 Dual SIM, Y5 Dual SIM, Y6, Y5, P8 Max, P8 Lite, G Play mini, P8, Y3, Y625, Y635


eXpro X1S 10,1 Zoll, eXpro X1Plus 10,1 Zoll, eXpro X1S 8,1 Zoll AluVersion

F2, S3 Basic, S3 Advanced, G5S


Tornado 552L, Tornado 455L, Trooper 455, Trooper 450L, Trooper 451, L8, Thunder 450WL, L10, L7, Thunder 450W

Slimtab 7 3GR, Elegance 7 3G, Slimtab 8 3G


DuraForce PRO

Vibe S1, P1, P1m, Shot
K8, K8 Plus, K8 Note, Tab 4 10, Tab 4 8, Tab3 8 Plus, A6600 Plus, A6600, A Plus, P2, K6, K6 Power, K6 Note, Phab2 Pro, C2, Phab2, Phab2 Plus, Tab3 7 4G, Tab3 7, Tab3 8, Tab3 7 3G, Vibe C, Tab3 8 4G, Vibe K4 Note, Lemon 3, Yoga Tab 3 Pro 10, Yoga Tab 3 10 (Android), Yoga Tab 3 Pro 10 LTE, Yoga Tab 3 10 LTE (Android), Yoga Tab 3 8 (Android), Yoga Tab 3 8 LTE (Android), ThinkPad 10 2. Gen 4GB, A7000, Yoga Tablet 2 8 (Windows), A6000

Moto G5S, G5S Plus, G4

LG Electronics
Q6, G Pad IV 8.0 FHD, X power2, K10 (2017), K4 (2017), Stylus 3, K8 (2017), K3 (2017), U, K3, X mach, X Skin, G Pad X 8.0, X Power, X style, Stylus 2 Plus, Stylo 2, X screen, K5, X cam, K8, K7, K10, K4, Class, V10, Ray, Zero, G Pad 2 8.0, Bello II, G4 Beat, G4s, G4c, G4 Stylus 3G, G4 Stylus LTE, G4, Joy, Magna, Spirit 4G, Leon 4G, Spirit, Leon, AKA, G Flex 2


X5520, X10300, S5504, P10505, S5004, S10366, S10352, Lifetab P10356, Lifetab P8314, X5004, X5020, Lifetab P8312, Life P5004, Life E4503, Life E5001, Life E4005, Lifetab P8912, Life X5001, Lifetab S8311, Lifetab S8312, Junior Tab S7322

M6, E2, M5s, M5 Note, M3 note, M3 Max, U10, U20, M3E, M2, M2 Note, MX4 Ubuntu Edition

Lumia 650, 550, 1330, 540 Dual Sim, 640 XL LTE Dual SIM, 640 XL Dual SIM, 640 Dual SIM, 640 XL LTE, 640 LTE, 430 Dual SIM, 532 Dual SIM, 435, 532, 535
Surface 3 4G, 3
Nokia 215 Dual SIM


Moto C Plus, G5 Plus, G5, E3 Power, E3 (3rd gen), G4 Plus, G4 Play, G (3. Gen.), G LTE (2. Gen.)
Moto X Force, Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto E (2. Gen.), Moto Maxx

2, 130 (2017), 105 (2017), 3, 5, 6, 150, 216, 230, 230 Dual SIM, 222, 222 DualSIM, New 105 Dual Sim, New 105, N1

Shield Tablet K1

Rapid 7 LTE, Mira, Wintab 9 Plus 3G


A77, F3 Plus, A57, F1s, F1 Plus, Neo 7 LTE, A33, A53, Neo 7, R7 Lite, R5s, Mirror 5, R7, R7 Plus, R1C, R1x, U3

Universe Tap

Eluga A3 Pro, Toughpad FZF1, Toughpad FZN1, Toughpad 4K FZY1, Toughpad FZX1, Lumix Smart Camera CM1

Performance Tablet

Passion 2S, Energy 2, Clue L, Energy L, Clue M, Passion

Axe Plus 2

Cosmo K, K Plus
Jet C7

MultiPhone 5550 Duo

RG310, RG730, RG600, RG700, RG900, RG500

Galaxy J7 Pro, Xcover 4, Grand Prime Plus, C7, View, Grand 3, XCover 3 (VE), E5, E7
Galaxy A-Series A8 (2016), A9 (2016), A5 (2016), A3 (2016), A7 (2016), A8, A7, A3
Galaxy J-Series J2 (2017), J7 Max, J5 (2017), J7 (2017), J3 (2017), J7 V, J3 Emerge, J1 Mini Prime, J2 Prime, J5 Prime, J7 Prime, J2 Pro, J Max, J3 Pro, J5 (2016), J7 (2016), J1 Nxt, J1 Mini (2016), J3 (2016), J1 (2016), J1 Ace, J2, J5, J7, J1 Duos LTE, J1, J1 LTE, J1 Duos
Galaxy Note Note 5
Galaxy On-Series On7 (2016), On8, On5 Pro, On7 Pro, On5, On7
Galaxy S-Series S7 active, S7, S7 edge, S6 Edge Plus, S5 neo, S6 active, S6 edge, S6, S5 Active
Galaxy Tab J, A 10.1 (2016), S2 9.7 LTE, S2 9.7 WiFi, S2 8 LTE, E 3G, E, E 9.6, A 9.7 LTE, A 9.7 WiFi
Z4, Z2, Z3

Shift5+, Shift7+, Shift5, Shift7


simvalley MOBILE
SX305 DualSIM, Pico RX484, Pico RX482, SP144, SPX34, SPX26, XT640

R9 Darkmoon, C55 Longbow, A5, C50 Longbow, R8 Monster, I8 Panther, A4+



Xperia E5, X Performance, XA Ultra, XA, X, M5, Z5 Premium, Z5, M5 Dual, Z5 Compact, Z3+, M4 Aqua, Z4 Tablet, Z4 Tablet LTE, E4G, E4


Tablet Puls

Pad 8, Pad 10 Plus, Pad 10

M20 Pro, M12

Ergophone 6115.10.6112

Tonino Lamborghini
88 Tauri

dynaPad, Encore 2 Write 10,1 Zoll, Encore 2 Write 8 Zoll, Satellite Click Mini

X13.Octa, X10.Octa, XWi10.twin, SX7.slim

Neffos C5L, Neffos C5, Neffos C5 Max, Neffos C5L, Neffos C5

SurfTab duo W1 3G, SurfTab duo W1 WiFi, SurfTab duo W1 LTE, SurfTab Twin 10.1, WinPhone 4.7 HD, SurfTab wintron 10.1 3G, SurfTab wintron 10.1

Mix, Tiger, Power, U007, Paris Arc HD, Be X

Hammer S

New Signature Touch

Tab Prime 7, Smart Turbo 7, Smart Ultra 7, Smart Platinum 7, Smart first 7, Smart Prime 7, Smart speed 6, Smart Ultra 6, Smart First 6, Smart Prime 6, Tab Prime 6

View-Series View XL, View Prime, View
Wim, Freddy, U Feel Fab, U Feel Prime, Sunny, Jerry, Robby, tommy, Lenny 3, bkool, U Feel Lite, skool, kkool, U Feel, Fever Special Edition, Pulp Fab, Pulp 4G, Fever 4G, Pulp, Pulp Fab 4G, Rainbow Jam, Sunset 2, Lenny 2, Rainbow Up, Highway Pure, Highway Star, Ridge Fab 4G, Ridge 4G

Spark +

Redmi 5, Note 5, Y1, Y1 Lite, Note 5A, 4x, 4x, Note 4X, 4a, 4, Note 4, Note 3, 3, Note 2, Note 2 Prime, 2
Mi 4c, Mi 4i, Mi Note Pro, Mi Note

Z110 3G

TelePAD 9A1 Pro, Pad 8W4 Plus, Pad 9W4, Pad 8W4, Pad 10W4

Andy 5S LTE, Foxy 3.5, Billy 5S LTE, Foxy 4

YotaPhone 2

Yunique Plus, Yureka S, Yunicorn, Yutopia, Yunique, Yureka Plus, Yuphoria, Yureka


Axon Mini, Mini Premium Edition, Axon, Elite
Blade A602, L7, Force, V7 Plus, V8 Lite, A520, V8 Mini, A2 Plus, V8, A601, A610, L5 Plus, V7, V7 Lite, V6, L3, L3 Plus, V220, S6+, S6
Nubia M2 Play, N1 lite, Z9 Mini, Z9 Max
Tempo X, Grand X View 2, Star 2, Grand S3, Open L

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